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Case No. 1730: Urgent Life-saving Appeal! SPM Top Scorer with 10 A’s, Khoo Yeak Xuan, requires emergency hospitalization for the third heart surgery. We earnestly request the enthusiastic public to support the donation of RM60,000 for the surgery.

Khoo Yeak Xuan urgently needs to undergo surgery to implant a permanent pacemaker to prevent sudden heart failure. Due to the poor financial situation, his parents cannot afford the hefty medical expenses. They earnestly appeal for urgent assistance from kind-hearted individuals.

At the age of one, Khoo Yeak Xuan underwent his first heart surgery. Eighteen years later, on May 16th of this year, he had to be admitted to the hospital for the second time to save his life. He now bears a long, vertical scar on his chest from the surgery. Unfortunately, several weeks after the surgery, he started experiencing weak heartbeats and a slower heart rate. It is crucial that he undergoes another surgery promptly to implant a pacemaker to save his life.

Khoo Yeak Xuan’s mother, Tan Bee Yan, is a housewife, while his father, Khoo Keng Siong, works as a technician in a factory. Their income is limited, and it is already challenging for them to support their family of six. They have an eldest daughter, aged 20, a second son, aged 19, and a youngest son, aged 16, all of whom are diligent students with excellent academic achievements.

【SPM Scored 10 A’s】- When the SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) results were announced in 2022, Khoo Yeak Xuan achieved straight A’s in all subjects, with 6 A+’s, 2 A’s, and 2 A-‘s. Remarkably, he excelled in his mother tongue, scoring an A+ in Chinese language as well.

Despite achieving such remarkable results, Khoo Yeak Xuan is humble and never boasts about his achievements. Even when our community workers visited him and his parents to understand his condition, he never disclosed his exam scores. It was only when his parents inadvertently mentioned his talents that we discovered Khoo Yeak Xuan’s outstanding SPM results.

Khoo Yeak Xuan understands the urgency of overcoming his life-threatening crisis. His primary concern is to recover his health, become a useful person in the future, treat his parents well, and make contributions to society. That is his wish.

Life is precious, and Khoo Yeak Xuan fully understands this. However, he also understands that his family cannot afford the surgical expenses. He knows that his parents work hard and acknowledges his father’s difficulties.

【I am a mother who sheds tears, but I cannot cry】- His mother told our community workers, “I am a mother who sheds tears, but I cannot cry in front of my son.” We understand her feelings; his mother needs to be strong. If she were to cry, it would put tremendous pressure on Khoo Yeak Xuan. As her son already has a heart condition, she doesn’t want to burden him further with negative emotions or see their home enveloped in negativity.

According to medical reports, Khoo Yeak Xuan suffers from a severe congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), which includes pulmonary artery stenosis, ventricular septal defect, aortic enlargement, and right ventricular hypertrophy.

【Implanting a pacemaker can save his life】- Both his mother and father understand, as the doctors have explained, that if they implant a permanent pacemaker, Khoo Yeak Xuan’s heart will continue beating, and he can overcome this crisis. He has a bright future ahead of him. Therefore, no matter how significant the challenges they face, they cannot give up.

His mother, Tan Bee Yan, says, “He is a good child bestowed upon me by God,” and she cherishes and appreciates Khoo Yeak Xuan deeply. In addition to his academic excellence, Khoo Yeak Xuan has displayed artistic talents since childhood and has won many awards in art competitions. He is also skilled at playing chess. During his primary school years, he was elected as the school’s role model student, and he has maintained a close relationship with his teachers.

Seeing Khoo Yeak Xuan facing a life-threatening crisis, his mother’s heart feels as if it has been pierced by needles, silently bleeding. Helpless and desperate, his parents have turned to Da Ai for assistance, hoping that we can help crowdfund to save Khoo Yeak Xuan’s precious life.

None of us can bear to see such an exceptional child facing a life-threatening situation. As the surgery cannot be delayed, we sincerely hope that kind-hearted individuals will help Khoo Yeak Xuan overcome this challenge. We also request everyone’s support in sharing this message to reach more compassionate individuals. Thank you.

【Updated-14 Aug 2023】

Thank you to all those who generously donated the surgical fees to Khoo Yeak Xuan, an outstanding SPM 10A student, to have a pacemaker implanted to save his life. Crowdfunding has reached its goal, donations are now closed, thank you.

Khoo Yeak Xuan’s father, Khoo Keng Siong, and mother, Tan Bee Yan, are very grateful for everyone’s help in getting their son through this difficult time in his life, and Khoo Yeak Xuan would like to extend his thanks to the warm-hearted people who donated to the cause.

In case of an emergency, doctors have already implanted a permanent pacemaker for Qiu Yuehuan to stop abrupt cardiac arrest because his heart rate is deteriorating.

We aspire for Qiu Yuexuan to take good care of his health while he studies in the future, be successful in his studies, make future contributions to the nation and society, as well as filial piety to his parents..

We are deeply moved by the donations and efforts made by citizens from all around the nation, and we thank you for supporting a very special and bright young man. We send our best wishes for everyone’s well-being, peace, and happiness at work and in their families.